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ChatGPT In E-Commerce: 7 Ways Can Help Your E-Commerce Business Grow

E-Commerce businesses that want to survive and succeed in 2023 must embark on all the digital marketing trends and leverage all the year's technological advancements. 

One of the technological advancements that are significantly expanding this year is chatbots. Chatbots have been helping eCommerce businesses for years. They are computer programs or software applications that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and that interact with customers and website visitors in real-time. They provide your customers with automated conversations about your products or services. 

In November 2022, a new revolutionary AI technology got introduced to the world. This technology is called “Chat GPT”. It is an advanced form of chatbot developed by OpenAI, the American AI intelligence research laboratory.

In this article, we are going to discuss what ChatGPT is and how it can benefit eCommerce businesses. 

Table Of Content:

What is Chat GPT?

7 ways to use Chat GPT in eCommerce:

Generating Ideas.


Facilitating Email Marketing.

Providing Customer Support and personalization. 

Managing Data.

Optimizing Content Marketing.

Generating Leads.

What is Chat GPT?

What is Chat GPT?Source

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI. 

ChatGPT is an abbreviation for “Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer”. 

“Generative” comes from the fact that it can generate text.

“Pre-Trained” refers to the huge amount of data that the model has in it.

“Transformer” refers to the name of the algorithm that this technology uses to generate text as similar to a human conversation as possible. This algorithm can analyze and understand large amounts of data, such as text, in addition to understanding the context of that text to mimic the way the human brain works.

We can also say that ChatGPT is an open-source natural language processing (NLP) model.

Open-source means that it is accessible to the public for free.

Natural language processing (NLP) means that it is part of the AI branch concerned with giving computers the ability to understand text and spoken words in the same way human beings can. In other words, it means that it processes language to generate human-like responses.

To sum up, ChatGPT is an open-source simulated AI-powered chatbot designed to engage in conversations and auto-generate human-like responses. 

ChatGPT can be used to write or debug codes, write articles, blog posts, stories, and even poems, translate text, provide customer services, give recommendations, generate ideas, solve maths questions, and other things. 

Note That: To understand how to use ChatGPT, you need to understand what “prompts” mean in AI. A prompt is a piece of information that you provide to the AI to ask it to do something. Your prompts should be clear and precise, and in the same language you would use in an everyday conversation. 

What’s even more fascinating about this new chatbot model is that it never stops developing because it keeps gathering more data from the conversations that it has with its users and then uses this data to further develop its responses. 

Studies show that ChatGPT has gathered more than one million users within the first week of its launch and is expected to generate one billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2024 (Demand Sage, 2023). This is why you should keep reading this article to learn how your eCommerce store can benefit from this.

7 Ways To Use Chat GPT In E-Commerce

Ways To Use Chat GPT In E-CommerceSource

As we mentioned earlier, eCommerce businesses have to make the most of the skyrocketing technology in 2023. In this part of the article, we will show you some ways you can benefit from ChatGPT in your eCommerce business. 

1- Generating Ideas

Have you ever suffered from a creative block? Have you ever stared at your computer screen for hours struggling to find new ideas for your eCommerce store?

We know how frustrating that can be because we are all aware that ideas and creativity are the heart and soul of eCommerce. 

Fortunately, today, ChatGPT can solve that problem or at least alleviate the pressure from being unable to create something new. Among the things that ChatGPT can generate ideas for:

SEO Titles: If you are working on marketing your online store organically, then you are already aware of the significance of search engine optimization and how time-consuming it is to find titles. Now, ChatGPT can do all the work for you regarding SEO titles. It does all the research, surfing, and sorting and provides you with a list of potential search engine-optimized titles that you can use. All you have to do is to ask what you want from the chatbot using clear and precise prompts and in natural language. 

An example of a ChatGPT prompt that you can use to ask for SEO title ideas: “Write 5 ideas of Search Engine Optimized Titles for an article about a hairbrush.” 

While writing this article, we did try this ChatGPT prompt, and here are the extremely inspiring results that the chatbot provided us with: 

SEO Titles ChatGPT

Additionally, other than giving you ideas for SEO titles, ChatGPT can also help you in your keyword research. You can provide it with the main keyword and ask it to give you additional keywords and synonyms.

Copywriting Ideas: Copywriting can be mentally consuming sometimes. ChatGPT can help generate ideas for your ad copy.

An example of a ChatGPT prompt that you can use to ask for copywriting ideas: “Write a 5 high-converting ad copy about a hairbrush”. 

Copywriting Ideas Chat GPT

Product Description Ideas: Research shows that 50% of customers return the products they purchased if they do not match the product descriptions. Therefore, writing an accurate product description is one of the most important tasks for eCommerce stores. 

While it is still not guaranteed that it will provide you with the level of accuracy needed in product descriptions, it is still a great tool to generate ideas highlighting a product’s unique selling points. You can then refine, modify and use these ideas as an inspiration for your final version of the product description. 

An example of a ChatGPT prompt that you can use to ask for product description ideas: “Write a 100-word catchy product description about a hairbrush.”

Product Description Ideas

Ideas For Social Media Captions: Statistics show that 59% of the world population uses social media; hence, it is a crucial aspect of your eCommerce business. ChatGPT can now give you inspiring ideas for your social media posts and captions. 

An example of a ChatGPT prompt that you can use to ask for social media caption ideas: “Write 3 promotional Instagram captions for a hairbrush to encourage users to visit the online store and buy it.”

Ideas For Social Media Captions ChatGPT ECOMMERCE

Notice how, in the second idea, the chatbot said “click the link in our bio”? 

This proves that the chatbot is aware of the different types of social media platforms and aware that, for example, links in Instagram posts are not clickable; hence, stores put links in their account’s bio instead. 

How smart! 

However, if you are an eCommerce copywriter, marketer, or social media manager, don’t let what we just said worry you. ChatGPT is not going to take your job away anytime soon. Experts say that it is not there yet. Therefore, for now, eCommerce copywriters can leverage all the ideas that ChatGPT has to offer without worrying about it replacing them in the eCommerce sector. 

If you are still worried, you can ask ChatGPT itself, and its exact response will be “It is unlikely that ChatGPT or any other language model will replace copywriters anytime in the near future.” 

2- Proofreading

Text is essential for eCommerce businesses. If you take a moment to think about it, you will realize that there is no way of doing what you do without using text. 

Sending emails? … You are using text.

Writing a product description? … You are using text.

Writing a blog post? … Also using text.

Based on the fact that text is an integral part of the work of eCommerce businesses, it is important to make sure that the text you are using is without any grammar or spelling mistakes. ChatGPT can help you do that.

ChatGPT can work as a great proofreader for your text because it can fix grammar and spelling mistakes and also provide recommendations on how to improve your text. 

3- Facilitating Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most indispensable marketing strategies for eCommerce. Therefore, we advise you to always make use of any technology that can optimize your email marketing campaigns. Today, ChatGPT is taking the lead in facilitating email marketing for eCommerce by doing the following:

Writing Drafts For Cold Emails: ChatGPT can help you draft cold emails for your customers, suppliers, partners…etc. All you have to do is to provide the software with the necessary information about your offer and its context. 

eCommerce Email Marketing chatgpt

Generate Email Responses: Responding to emails can be time-consuming. ChatGPT can facilitate that process too. It can offer assistance with replying to emails. All you have to do is provide it with the main points that the email should include. 

A more advanced way to use ChatGPT here is to integrate it with your email service provider so that you can automate your process.

Speaking of automation, Converted.In offers you a great marketing automation tool that can easily create, personalize, launch, and automate all your email marketing campaigns. This can go hand in hand with ChatGPT in optimizing your campaigns.

4- Providing Customer Support and Personalization 

Another way ChatGPT can help your eCommerce business is by providing customer support and a wide range of customer services, such as:

Responding to customer reviews: Positive customer reviews represent an attractive form of eCommerce customer testimonials. However, even negative reviews can have a positive impact on your business if you respond to them properly. ChatGPT can help you generate appropriate and attentive responses to customer reviews. 

Generating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): ChatGPT can generate an entire FAQ section for your eCommerce website, which is a great place to address common customer concerns and questions. Again, you need to provide the software with the necessary information about your online store and its products or services. 

Providing personalization: We all know how important personalization is for eCommerce. What we are still getting to know are the ways ChatGPT can optimize personalization. For example, ChatGPT can generate personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s browsing and buying history. It can also generate personalized responses to customers’ queries. 

A recent article by Forbes says that: “ChatGPT helps companies personalize not just what a business says to a customer, but how they say it.” The article explains, with examples, that the output you get from ChatGPT when you ask it to explain something would differ whether you are asking it to explain it to a fifth-grader or a college student. 

To test this theory, we also tried it ourselves. We asked ChatGPT to sell a hairbrush, once for 7-year-old kids and another time for 25-year-old adults. The following results make it very clear how the software personalized its answer based on our prompt. 

personalization ChatGPT In E-Commerce

The software understands that kids will care more about fun and colors, while adults might care more about health and hair growth. Based on that, it personalized the way it recommended the product.

5- Managing Data

ChatGPT can facilitate many tasks related to the data of your eCommerce store. For example, it can help you turn your unstructured data into structured, find datasets in open sources, find patterns, or even help write codes for data analysis purposes. 

Speaking of data, the tool offered by Converted.In can also help you gather all your data in one place, like a hub.

6- Optimizing Content Marketing

Content marketing is another significant marketing strategy that eCommerce businesses depend on. ChatGPT can revolutionize content marketing by helping you create unique and attractive content easily. All you have to do is provide the software with the topic you want your content to be about. 

For more tailored and personalized content, provide ChatGPT with more information, such as data about your target audience or your industry. 

For a shorter version of articles, you can very easily give ChatGPT a prompt where you ask it to summarize a certain article or report.

For more search-engine-optimized content, you can provide ChatGPT, in addition to the topic, a list of keywords, and ask it to generate a blog post that includes these keywords. You can also ask it to generate meta descriptions for your blog post. 

Chatgpt Optimizing Content Marketing

In the previous example, we provided ChatGPT with the following prompt: “Write a 140-characters meta description to encourage people to read a promotional blog post about a hairbrush.” Of course, if you want your meta description to include certain specific keywords, you can add them to your prompt. 

7- Generating Leads

We always talk about optimizing landing pages to generate leads. Today, AI is providing us with a tool that can help us generate even more leads. ChatGPT can engage with potential customers who visit your website and evaluate whether they qualify for good-quality leads or not by asking some qualifying questions. 

Also, let’s not forget that by simply generating ideas for your business, assisting you in your email marketing campaigns, and optimizing your content marketing, ChatGPT is automatically supporting all your lead-generating efforts. 

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, based on what we’ve discussed in this article, it is clear that ChatGPT, among other AI tools, is the future of all businesses, in general, and eCommerce, in particular. Therefore, you should not miss out on all the growth opportunities that ChatGPT can provide for your eCommerce store. Start your eCommerce journey with the help of ChatGPT now!

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