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Setup wp-config.php for CloudFront.

  Set up the wp-config.php file to work with CloudFront. CF distributions have HTTPS enabled by default for their default domain, something like . We will be configuring our WordPress instance to use HTTP as the origin of our distribution and configure our distribution to terminate SSL/TLS and forward all content requests to your instance using an HTTP connection. The connection between the client and our CF distribution is encrypted using HTTPS. The connection between our distribution and EC2 instance is un-encrypted using HTTP only. This configuration is known as SSL/TLS termination. We will configure your distribution’s origin protocol policy to use HTTP only, which is the default. We will edit the WordPress configuration file on your instance to account for the TLS termination behavior from your distribution. If not, our site visitors will see a 502 error, or your website content might not be formatted correctly. I always like to start by taking a snaps