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ChatGPT In E-Commerce: 7 Ways Can Help Your E-Commerce Business Grow

E-Commerce businesses that want to survive and succeed in 2023 must embark on all the digital marketing trends and leverage all the year's technological advancements.  One of the technological advancements that are significantly expanding this year is chatbots. Chatbots have been helping eCommerce businesses for years. They are computer programs or software applications that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and that interact with customers and website visitors in real-time. They provide your customers with automated conversations about your products or services.  In November 2022, a new revolutionary AI technology got introduced to the world. This technology is called “Chat GPT”. It is an advanced form of chatbot developed by OpenAI, the American AI intelligence research laboratory. In this article, we are going to discuss what ChatGPT is and how it can benefit eCommerce businesses.  Table Of Content: What is Chat GPT? 7 ways to use Chat GPT in eCommerce: Generating Ide